The words of those who are growing up with us.

Areté’s Market Intelligence gave me the chance to have a single source for all information about a specific commodity, adding valuable analysis and reliable forecasts – an exceptional help for my work.

Among the benefits and results: time-saving and the opportunity to match the forecasts with our market analysis, supporting the purchasing process.

In few words: essential, complete, reliable.

Subscribed commodities: cocoa, grains (corn, soft wheat, durum wheat, milling by-products) milk and dairy products (butter, smp, wmp), pulses (chickpeas, lentils, beans), vegetable oils (sunflower, palm, soybean), soybean, sugar.

Michele Zerbini
Purchasing Senior Manager, Barilla

In order to have a complete evaluation of our purchasing process, Areté’s Market Intelligence helped us having a global vision of markets, both for the raw materials we buy and for the global macroeconomic context.

This service helped us forecasting market trends, so to anticipate the market as far as possible.

An excellent market analysis service, provided by a very skilled team and clearly explained.

Subscribed commodities: grains (corn, soft wheat), vegetable oils (palm, soybean), soybean, soybean meal, sugar.

Massimo Bellesso
Purchasing Manager, Eurovo

Thanks to Areté’s Market Intelligence we are able to take decisions based on structured information and econometric models, obtaining objectivity and systematic assessments for past and future decisions.

The service gave us tangible advantages and results: decisional support on purchasing strategies based on the forecasted trends, assessing the best timing and volumes to be purchased. The service also allowed to support and validate buying decisions based on objective criteria related to market fundamentals.

Areté’s Market Intelligence in few words: it provides information on forecasted market trends (supply/demand, prices, stock) based on econometric models and a comprehensive data collection.

Subscribed commodities: cocoa, milk and dairy products (butter, smp, wmp), dried nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios), sugar.

Claudio Calzati
Group Procurement Director, Fabbri 1905 Spa

Areté’s Market Intelligence improved aspects of my work: in addition to our supplier’s information, Areté gives us structured market intelligence data.

The service gives us advantages and results thanks to timely and structured information.

We are glad and satisfied for the commodities we have subscribed.

Subscribed commodities: cashew, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, raisins.

Norbert Gasser
CEO, Fruitservice Srl

Areté’s Market Intelligence gives me a huge support in understanding the markets, in order to be always updated and ready to open negotiations when necessary.

The service gives us advantages and results: I am able to anticipate important increases of raw materials foreseen by Areté; in other circumstances, thanks to Areté, I avoided big purchases in order to benefit from later price reductions as forecasted.

Areté’s Market Intelligence in few words: if you don’t want to be hostage to price volatility, it is necessary to anticipate the market.

Subscribed commodities: grains (corn, soft wheat), vegetable oils (sunflower, palm), sugar.

Matteo Bertoluzzi
Purchasing Manager Raw Materials, Grissin Bon S.P.A

Areté’s Market Intelligence gives us the leads to develop strategies adequate to market trends, especially for our core raw materials.

The benefits are having a market analysis based on market fundamentals, rather than our supplier’s sentiment.
This allows us to take decisions based on unbiased information.

It’s a valid ally against market volatility.

Subscribed commodities: cocoa, coffee, grains (corn, soft wheat), dried nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios), milk and dairy products (butter, smp, wmp), vegetable oils (coconut, sunflower, palm), eggs, sugar.

Mattia Tiberio
Raw Materials Purchase Manager,

Illva Saronno Holding Spa

Areté’s Market Intelligence is a valid external contribution in order to comprehend market’s scenarios.

It allows to validate market’s evolution analysis and time to market for our commercial strategies, while having useful tools to share and communicate the market analysis.

In few words? Professionalism and strong competences in the agri-food supply-chain to support business decisions, provided by a helpful and kind team.

Subscribed commodities: sugar.

Alessandro Benincà
General Director, Italia Zuccheri Commerciale

Areté’s Market Intelligence surely improved aspects of my work. A fundamental help is the ability to check supply/demand data and price forecasting, in order to provide to our clients an updated context.
I also find very helpful Areté’s monthly web-call, so to discuss commodity trends in our interest.

The benefits provided are time-saving in collecting all the market information, and an improved market timing and professionalism towards our clients.

Areté’s Market Intelligence in few words: focused, detailed, up-to-date. Obviously it’s up to each Buyer to take the responsibility for its own decisions, but the services provided allow to take them having a clear view of the market.

Subscribed commodities: corn, soft wheat, durum wheat, milling by-products.

Alessandro Proverbio
Buyer, Molini Lario S.p.A.

Areté’s Market Intelligence enlarged our knowledge of commodity markets in order to discuss with Purchasing Managers.

Among the advantages and results provided there is a better engagement of our clients.

Areté’s Market Intelligence in few words: reliability of the service and availability of the team.

Subscribed commodities: grains (corn, soft wheat, durum wheat, milling by-products), soybean, sugar.

Andrea Canzano
Value Chain Key Account Manager,

Syngenta Global

The ability of being informed in real time about market trends is surely an advantage.

Moreover, benefiting from the right information surely leads to economic advantages.

AretéPro at a glance? Absolutely necessary.

Subscribed commodities: coffee, soft wheat, milk and dairy products (butter, smp, wmp), dried nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios), vegetable oils (coconut, sunflower, palm), eggs, sugar.

Armando Sandri
Purchasing Manager, Vicenzi Spa