Areté works side by side with its clients, supporting them in understanding what happens in their sectors and reference markets, with a view to outlining future scenarios and identifying the strategies to effectively address them.
The analysis of data, sectoral policies and strategies of the different players provide the basis for identifying current and future needs and opportunities, and for getting ready to exploit them.


Market analysis and price forecasting for agricultural and agribusiness commodities: maximum effectiveness and risk management in purchasing and selling.

Information is the most precious resource

Areté provides agribusiness companies with tools for knowing upstream and downstream markets, supplemented by quantitative forecasts on prices with time horizons up to 18 months, and by support services in price risk management in those markets.

Its services include:

  • Analysis of historical trends and information services: news, supply balances and prices of agricultural and agribusiness commodities, observed and analysed in the framework of the evolution of the macroeconomic context, of the policy and regulatory framework, of the key drivers of change and of the strategies of the leading players.
  • Price forecasting: with a time horizon ranging from 3-6 months to 18 months, constantly updated based on market fundamentals and proprietary forecasting models.
  • Support in selecting the best strategies: support to decisions on and timing of purchases/sales, with a view to risk planning and management but also to short-term tactical and strategic decisions, thanks to continuous contacts with Areté’s analysts.
  • Support to hedging management on financial markets: aimed at managing risks related to price volatility.
  • On site and online counselling: for managers and professional buyers willing to master new risk analysis/forecasting/management techniques, or to get knowledge on new markets, as well as for training new personnel.

Real-time forecasting: AretéPro

All the relevant information can be accessed through the AretéPro dedicated platform, with real-time, 24/7/365 updates on data from marketplaces worldwide, elaborated and made available through innovative communication technologies, in order to guarantee timeliness, flexibility and accuracy to customers.

  • Real-time information and forecasting with 24/7/365 online access;
  • customised alert services, conveyed through push notifications;
  • meetings with Areté’s analysts;
  • continuous phone help desk on the markets of interest;
  • on site and online counselling.